2010 Overset Grid Symposium Tutorials

You can now download a detailed description of the tutorial sessions in PDF format (45K).

Tutorials planned for Monday, September 20:

Main Ballroom

OVERFLOW-2 Training Class (8:30am—5:30pm, with breaks)
Bobby Nichols (University of Alabama) and Pieter Buning (NASA Langley Research Center)

Copies of the OVERFLOW-2 Tutorial slides in PDF format (11.9M)


Introduction to DiRTlib and SUGGAR/Suggar++ (8:30—10:00am)
Ralph Noack and David Boger (The Pennsylvannia State University)

Analysis and Visualization Techniques for Overset in-situ Simulations (10:30—11:00am)
K. Colburn (CEI)

TBD (11:00—11:30am)

TBD (11:30am—Noon)
K. S. Cho (SGI)

A Chimera Grid Tools Tutorial (2:00—2:30pm)
William Chan and Shishir Pandya (NASA Ames Research Center)

Active Archive—Managing BIG Data in an Exascale Compute Environment (4:00—4:30pm)
J. McKinley (Spectra Logic)

Birds of a Feather with the Tecplot Product Management Team (4:30—5:00pm)
Tom Chan (Tecplot)

TBD (5:00—5:30pm)
E. P. Duque (Intelligent Light)

Northwing Room

PEGASUS 5 Tutorial (8:30—10:00am)
Stuart Rogers (NASA Ames Research Center)

An Overture Tutorial (2:00—3:30pm)
Bill Henshaw and Kyle Chand (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Please direct any questions to info@oversetgridsymposium.org